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Election Integrity Unit aims to ease concerns over voter fraud in Missouri

| November 4, 2016

The task force was created in 2014 by Secretary of State Jason Kander to open lines of communication and establish practices for responding to alleged violations in the election process.

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Kander alerts Missouri business owners about deceptive mailer

| October 21, 2016

The postcards feature a seal with a scale and may appear to be official government documents, but are not. These postcards are not affiliated with any state or federal agency.

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Kansas City Public Library receives over $15,000 in grants today

| May 23, 2016

Kansas City Public Library received two grants in the amount of $6,116 and $9,185 to establish or expand existing early literacy programming.

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Audit of secretary of state shows $120K went to wrong fund

| January 8, 2016

An audit of the Missouri secretary of state’s office shows $120,000 went to the wrong fund and there wasn’t adequate oversight of raises.

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Initiative petition to revise Missouri statutes available for comment

| September 3, 2015

Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander announced Wednesday an initiative petition that would revise Missouri statutes is open for public comment.

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Multiple organizations seek funding in Missouri tobacco tax

| September 1, 2015

Multiple Missouri organizations seeking funding are turning to the nation’s lowest tobacco tax for help.

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Missouri Secretary of State urges students to protect identities

| September 1, 2015

The Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander issued an Investor Alert for students in the state.

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Initiative petition gains approval for circulation

| July 7, 2015

Missouri’s Secretary of State Jason Kander announced the approval of an initiative petition for circulation.

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Cease and Desist Order for Missouri Biodiesel Scam

| November 7, 2014

Secretary of State Jason Kander made the announcement on Friday

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