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Woman faces prison at probation hearing in Ray County

| January 18, 2019

A Ray County judge will decide the fate of a woman accused of probation violation on felony forgery and identity theft charges.

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Oklahoma man to appear on molestation charges in Cass County

| January 17, 2019

Donald Glenn Shaver, 67, of Coleman, Oklahoma, made up his own game of truth or dare to molest two victims.

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Delays continue due to lack of Bates County public defender

| January 2, 2019

Kyle Patrick Calhoun, 32, of Harrisonville, has been waiting since July for a public defender to take his drug case.

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Testimony to continue Wednesday in Boone County murder trial

| October 31, 2018

Denico Sanchez-Crawley, 31, of Columbia is charged in the drive-by shooting of his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.

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Burglary suspect arrested for missing Lafayette County hearing

| October 31, 2018

Jonathan Reberry, 35, of Camdenton, had a $15,000 bond reinstated for a failure to appear warrant.

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Sentencing Monday in Saline County child molestation case

| October 22, 2018

Kenneth L. Walden, 28, of Sweet Springs will find out his punishment after he was convicted of committing statutory rape and sodomy this afternoon.

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Murder charge dismissed as part of plea deal in Boone County

| September 26, 2018

Dariel M. Reid, 19, of Columbia pleded guilty after Boone County prosecutors dropped murder from the charges against him.

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Columbia teen sentenced for 2016 shooting on Claudell Lane

| September 19, 2018

Police say Navarro Scott, 18 shot Keith Chambers after he shot another man during a drug deal.

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Hearing set for former teacher indicted over affair with student

| August 30, 2018

Brady S. Anton, 46 will appear for a preliminary hearing in October over sex crimes with a 15-year-old student.

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