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Mental evaluation ordered for robbery suspect in Cooper County

| July 19, 2018

There is no attorney representing Elijah D. Carter, 25, who is being sent to Fulton for a mental evaluation.

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Officers shot in Kansas City

| July 15, 2018

Three Kansas City police officers were shot in the 40 highway and Manchester area.

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Robbery case in Cooper County continued for lack of representation

| July 12, 2018

A robbery suspect is waiting to be assigned a public defender in Cooper County.

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UPDATE: Armed citizen thwarts robbery attempt in Cooper County

| July 8, 2018

A robbery suspect was held at gunpoint in Cooper County, by a man with a conceal carry permit.

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Attorney asks for delay in Henry County domestic assault case.

| July 7, 2018

The Clinton woman charged for allegedly striking her boyfriend with a bat, had her hearing continued in Henry County yesterday.

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Clinton woman charged with domestic assault to appear this morning.

| July 6, 2018

A pre-emptory docket hearing is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m., for a woman accused of taking a ballbat to her boyfriend.

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Kansas City resident arrested in Cooper County for alleged gun possession, felony charge suggested

| July 3, 2018

A Kansas City woman was transported to Cooper County Jail after receiving a felony Tuesday evening.

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Warrant issued for man accused of drug possession in Chillicothe

| July 1, 2018

A formal drug charge has been filed against a Kansas City man arrested by Chillicothe Police Friday afternoon.

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Two jailed for alleged drug possession in Andrew County

| June 24, 2018

A suspect is accused of resisting while being arrested on drug allegations in Andrew County.

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