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Swan Lake Waterfowl Lottery

| October 6, 2018 | 0 Comments

The waterfowl hunt application period for Swan Lake is now open for the 2018 waterfowl hunting season.  To participate in the lottery each individual must have a RecAccess account in order to apply for a Waterfowl Hunt at Swan Lake NWR.   The lottery draw website can be found at www.swanlake.recaccess.com/.  All the information about the […]

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Haying lottery deadline approaching

| August 24, 2018

Currently, 24 counties are under D4 status, describing exceptional drought conditions.

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Marshall Police Department warns against fraudulent correspondence

| May 24, 2017

Area residents have reported receiving letters saying they had “won” $4.5 million from a lottery drawing in Spain.

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Chillicothe resident scores $262,000 Show Me Cash Jackpot

| July 11, 2016

A Chillicothe man’s dedication to playing the Missouri Lottery state games has paid off and may allow for an early retirement.

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Mo. Powerball Ticket worth $70-million

| July 6, 2015

Someone who purchased a powerball ticket in the state July 4th is holding a golden pass into the millionaire’s club.

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Green Dot MoneyPak Scams

| October 21, 2014

Have you been a victim of this new scam?

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St. Charles Couple Wins Powerball

| March 29, 2014

When the man woke his wife with the good news, she though the house was on fire at first.

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