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Manslaughter hearing delayed in Cooper County

| January 17, 2019

George W. Black is accused of manslaughter after a fellow inmate at the Boonville Correctional Center died during an altercation in 2018.

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Driver of double fatality crash pleads guilty

| January 9, 2019

Blake L. Wilson, 22, of Carrollton, has taken responsibility for the deaths of his two passengers, after a deadly crash in Carroll County.

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Involuntary manslaughter case resumes in Carrollton

| January 8, 2019

Two felony counts of involuntary manslaughter were brought against the defendant.

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Sentencing Monday for Columbia man following plea deal in murder case

| December 17, 2018

Dariel M. Reid, 19 entered into a guilty plea on a reduced felony charge in September.

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Hearing scheduled over inmate death in Boonville

| December 13, 2018

George Walter Black, 34, is charged with the death of another inmate at the Boonville Corrections Center.

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Involuntary manslaughter case to continue in Carroll County Tuesday

| December 11, 2018

Blake Lee Wilson, 21 is slated to go before a judge at 9:00 a.m. in Carroll County.

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Manslaughter case again before Carroll County court

| December 11, 2018

The subject is currently charged with two felony counts resulting from a vehicle crash in December, 2017.

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Arraignment scheduled for inmate accused of manslaughter

| November 19, 2018

Court records show formal arraignment for a man accused of involuntary manslaughter in the first degree.

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Manslaughter not Murder in Johnson County

| November 18, 2018

Jury finds Johnson County woman guilty of manslaughter and other felonies in shooting of ex-husband.

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