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Boat collision at Lake of the Ozarks leaves two injured

| July 17, 2018

Two out-of-state residents were hospitalized following the collision of two vessels Monday morning.

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Both drivers moderately injured by head on crash in Bates County

| July 14, 2018

Both drivers evacuated by Lifeflight, after head on crash in Bates County.

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Passenger car vs. semi leaves one injured

| July 13, 2018

A passenger car was hit performing a partial U-turn in Missouri 6 Highway at 13 junction in Gallatin.

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Driver blacks out causing wreck and injuries

| July 11, 2018

A Princeton driver who became unconscious in transit was hospitalized after an accident Wednesday morning.

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Pettis County intersection becomes site of injury crash

| June 25, 2018

A motor vehicle was turning off Anderson School Road, onto Wingate as it hit a second vehicle.

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Odessa teens involved in rollover injury crash

| June 20, 2018

A Highway patrol crash report states neither occupant was wearing a safety device when the vehicle skidded off the south side of the road.

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Tanker Truck tips over causing injuries

| June 19, 2018

A Warrensburg man was injured after a tanker truck rolled off the side of the road Monday morning.

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Eleven reported injuries result from rollover collision

| June 18, 2018

An involved vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign, and drove into the path of traffic at the intersection of Highway 58 and Route O in Johnson County.

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Tipton teens injured in motor vehicle rollover

| June 13, 2018

According to a crash report, a Warrensburg resident, was also injured during the incident.

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