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Chillicothe city officials allow citizen organizations to proceed with projects

| October 31, 2017

Council members discussed a community garden, and city parks support group.

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First council meeting attended by new city administrator

| August 29, 2017

CHILLICOTHE, MO – Administrator, Darin Chappell was present at his first official council meeting August 28. Chillicothe city officials approved two new acquisitions for the fire department.  A presentation was made to council requesting funds for the purchase of air cylinders and accessories.  A large portion of the funding would be reimbursed through a grant.  […]

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Lauren Keith Parks

| October 21, 2016

A Columbia resident, formerly of Odessa, Lauren Keith Parks, 94, died Friday, October 21, 2016.

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Gross Out Olympics is back in Warrensburg Parks

| September 5, 2015

The Gross Out Olympics will be preceded by a new event for younger kids.

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Warrensburg Parks’ Aqua Camp begins mid-July

| July 2, 2015

The Aqua Camp at Warrensburg Parks is set to begin July 13th.

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Concordia Board of Aldermen meet for June 15th agenda

| June 16, 2015

The June 15th meeting of the Concordia Board of Aldermen contained a moderate agenda passed with relative ease.

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Warrensburg Parks and Rec Offers “Couch25K” Program

| May 12, 2015

“Couch 25K”, offered by Warrensburg Parks and Rec is a new program to get people off their couches and into the Freedom Fest 5K.

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Warrensburg Game Day a Fun Event for Disabled and Seniors

| May 5, 2015

Warrensburg Game Day offers fun for seniors and for the disabled once a month

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Warrensburg Pet Photo Contest

| September 27, 2014

Here’s a way to show of you furry, feathered, or scaled best friend and possibly win a prize.

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