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Phone scam targets prospective voters

| October 5, 2018

Voter information provided to scammers could result in fraudulent votes or financial transactions.

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Timeshare scam alert by Missouri agency

| October 5, 2018

The Missouri Real Estate Commission says consumers and agents should be aware of a scam involving offers to “get out of” timeshares.

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Scam to obtain prescription drugs reported by Sheriff

| October 3, 2018

Prospective drug users are making phone calls to homes belonging to deceased persons.

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Boone County Sheriff’s Department reportes being “spoofed”

| October 1, 2018

A media release from the Boone County Sheriff’s Department states that the department has been receiving telephone calls from citizens in other states reporting a scam where the caller identifies themselves as a deputy and asks for money to post bond for a jailed and injured relative.

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Phone scam reported out of Randolph County

| September 27, 2018

Victims of the scam are told they are the subject of a warrant, and they must send money or gift cards to avoid being arrested.

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NEWSMAKER — As Medicare cards begin to arrive, look out for scammers

| August 29, 2018

Medicare fraud is rampant this time of year as new Medicare cards begin to arrive in the mail. If you are contacted by phone by someone claiming to be from Medicare, hang up immediately and report the incident to local police.

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Police alert residents of email scam

| August 21, 2018

The scammer claimed to be a local church official asking for $200 to be placed on the card for use by a sick relative.

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E-mail hacking scam reported in area

| August 9, 2018

Sheriff, Steve Cox believes the origin of the scam was, most likely, from outside the U.S.

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Area sheriff advises residents of possible scam

| August 7, 2018

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office received reports of a sacm from residents of Dover.

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