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An arson suspect will remain in jail in Saline County

| January 17, 2019

Lillian McDaniel, 41, of Slater, had a motion for bond reduction denied in Saline County Wednesday.

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Parson speech includes consolidations of Cameron prisons

| January 16, 2019

Inmates a Crossroads Correctional center in Cameron would be transferred to Western Missouri Correctional, according to a plan delivered in Parson’s speech.

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California couple to appear on Saline County drug charges

| January 16, 2019

The California couple accused of transported over 1,000 pound of marijuana in Saline County, to appear in court this morning.

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California couple pleads not guilty in Saline County

| January 11, 2019

Santos and Jennifer Urban of Redding, California, entered not guilty pleas to felony drug trafficking charges in Saline County Wednesday.

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Alleged domestic abuser to appear in Linn County court

| January 10, 2019

The victim was seriously injured during an alleged domestic assault by Jacob McLaughlin, 21, of Tacoma Washington.

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Warrants lead to more charges in Chillicothe

| December 26, 2018

Officers serving warrants in Chillicothe report finding controlled substance in suspects possession.

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Re-hired State Education Commissioner renews priorities

| December 10, 2018

Educators are eager to move to Missouri School Improvement Plan 6, guidelines that list accreditation standards for public schools.

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Missouri Sec. of State investigating Hawley campaign funding

| December 6, 2018

A group sent the communication to Jay Ashcroft’s office 4 days before the midterm elections.

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Debt forgiveness to result from settlement with buyers

| December 5, 2018

Part of the settlement involves the elimination or reduction of judgement balances.

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