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Kansas City skating champion dead at 33

| January 20, 2019

John Coughlin’s sister said the two time U.S. pairs champion committed suicide.

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Trial scheduled in fatal bullying case

| January 19, 2019

A defense motion to compel was withdrawn and a trial set in a fatal Howard County bullying case.

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Court asked to compel release of information in bullying case

| January 18, 2019

The attorney for Harley K. Branham, 23, is asking the court to force the Howard County Prosecutor to turn over records of Coroner’s Inquest into the death of Kenneth Suttner.

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Case against woman accused of bullying Glasgow teen to point of suicide scheduled for Wednesday

| December 15, 2018

Harley Branham managed the Dairy Queen 17-year-old Kenneth Suttner worked at when he took his own life in December 2016. Branham is accused of relentlessly bullying Suttener.

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Judge approves change of venue for Howard County School District bullying lawsuit

| December 5, 2018

The Howard County School District was accused in a civil suit in negligence in the December 2016 suicide of 17-year-old Kenneth Suttner.

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Nevada boy dies after taken off life support

| November 11, 2018

The boy attempted to take his life after reportedly being bullied at school.

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Mom bound over for death of infant in Chariton County

| October 27, 2018

Sarah M. Linegaugh, 20, of Rothville, will face a Chariton County Circuit Judge, after being bound over on a first degree murder charge.

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Macon Co investigators determine cause of death murder/suicide

| September 13, 2018

The investigation determined a man first shot his wife, and then himself early Sunday.

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NEWSMAKER — Fight the mental health treatment stigma during National Suicide Prevention Week

| September 13, 2018

Suicide is a leading cause of death among Americans. Each and every suicide is 100 percent preventable and healthcare providers across Missouri are stepping up to the plate to increase mental health awareness.

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