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Johnson County crash caused by driver falling asleep

| January 20, 2018

A Warrensburg man was injured after falling asleep at the wheel in Johnson County early Saturday morning.

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The driver fell asleep before a crash in Nodaway County

| October 8, 2017

A Cameron driver was hospitalized after falling asleep at the wheel last night in Nodaway County.

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Driver hits tractor after falling asleep at the wheel

| July 20, 2017

The Highway Patrol report says a Springfield man fell asleep at the wheel, before running into a tractor in Benton County Wednesday.

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A toddler fell under a car and was killed in a Worth County driveway

| April 19, 2017

The Missouri Highway Patrol filed a report on a child fatality that occurred in Worth County Tuesday.

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Driver killed by flying wheel in Clay County

| January 26, 2017

The report states, a loose wheel became airborne and hit the windshield of a vehicle

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Driver hospitalized after falling asleep in Benton County

| June 18, 2016

A rollover crash in Benton County, shortly after noon Saturday, injured a Lincoln driver.

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Driver injured after falling asleep in Audrain County

| November 15, 2015

A vehicle crashed after the driver fell asleep at the wheel Saturday in Audrain County.

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Car loses wheel and crashes

| September 7, 2015

An crash on I-35 in Clay County causes one vehicle to loose a wheel.

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A Dekalb County accident was caused by the driver falling asleep

| September 6, 2015

A St. Joseph driver was hospitalized after he fell asleep at the Wheel in Dekalb County Saturday morning

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