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Two women to appear in Sullivan County on burglary charges

| January 10, 2019

Two women accused of breaking into a home near Green City will appear in Sullivan County for preliminary hearings.

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Suspect to appear on Macon County sex crimes

| January 3, 2019

Two victims claim Jason Ray Shade, 39, formerly of Columbia, sexually assaulted them in Macon County.

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Two accused of drug possession in Ray County

| December 15, 2018

Two women were processed and released for alleged drug possession in Ray County.

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18th Annual Women Landowners Conference

| November 1, 2018 | 0 Comments

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Two hospitalized after crash in Benton County

| October 13, 2018

A pickup pulling out of a private driveway hit a passing car in Benton County Friday.

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Burglary suspect free on bond in Sullivan County

| September 15, 2018

Two women accused of first degree burglary are free after their bond was reduced in Sullivan County.

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Burglary suspects arraigned in Sullivan County

| September 7, 2018

Two women, supposedly caught burglarizing a home in Sullivan County, appeared for arraignment Wednesday morning.

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Two women injured by Friday crash in Dekalb County

| September 1, 2018

Two women from Cameron received minor injuries when their vehicle was hit in Dekalb County Friday afternoon.

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Several charges each for two arrested in Miller County

| May 23, 2018

Two women from Eldon are being held in Miller County, after their arrest on drug allegations Tuesday afternoon.

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