Teen Thieves At School

| February 18, 2014
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PLATTE CITY, Mo. — Teens are suspected in a burglary late Sunday night or early Monday morning at Platte County R-III High School, in which the thieves got away with iPads and a laptop computer.

“They are two males, they appear to be probably high school age and both wearing identical hooded sweatshirts. It appears both have the same Adidas logo on them,” Lt. Albert DeValkenaere with the Platte City Police Department said.

According to police in Platte City, the crooks got into the building through the roof and then targeted a computer lab and three administration offices. Police say those areas are severely vandalized. The thieving vandals also damaged the building’s phone system that was located in a communications closet.

“They caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage and they stole tens of thousands of dollars in equipment,” Lt. DeValkenaere said.

Some of the break-in was captured on surveillance and the thieves can be seen leaving with two bags believed to contain the computer equipment. Police hope that you’ll recognize them, even though surveillance shows they covered up their faces.

“Even though they were wearing the hoods of the sweatshirts up and they’re covering their faces with masks, maybe someone in the public will recognize the way they walk, their mannerisms, and be able to identify or point us in the right direction,” Lt. DeValkenaere said.

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