Unidentified Object Seen Falling from Sky

| December 26, 2013
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Photo courtesy of Lorisa Buckley.

Photo courtesy of Lorisa Buckley.

Update (7:06) – The object may have been the International Space Station. When visible, the ISS is the third largest object in the sky. Those who are interested can sign up to receive alerts when it will be visible in this area. That can be done at nasa.gov.

Another possibility to explain the object is a meteor. The National Weather Service confirmed a meteor was visible in this region of the United States on Thursday night.

Original Story:

KMZU isteners from as far away as Odessa, Marceline, Levasy, Chillicothe, and Marshall have all reported seeing a large, flaming object falling from the sky shortly before 6:00.

One caller reported the falling object near the Ray/Clay county line. Scanner traffic confirms the green-colored blaze was seen in the Saline County area. Another KMZU caller in Lafayette County, near Odessa, reported the object was visible to her, but was traveling west. And a caller from Linn County said it was visible, and burst into flame as they watched. “It was almost like the end of a firework, but not.” A listener from Chillicothe reports it, “looked like a helicopter” and had a long tail.

All listeners have reported green flames.

It has not yet been determined what this object is. Authorities are investigating.

Anyone with a photo is encouraged to mail it to news@kmzu.com.

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