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Larry Vanalstine Sr., of Chillicothe

| March 12, 2013

KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talked with Vanalstine about his experiences serving in the US Marine Corps during the Vietnam War.

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Robert Boyles Sr., 45, of Grain Valley – Part II

| March 3, 2013

Boyles served for several years in the US Marine Corps. Click to hear part two of his interview with KMZU’s Chelsea Wade…

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Robert Boyles Sr., 45, of Grain Valley – Part I

| February 24, 2013

KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talked with Boyles about his service in the Marines.

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Col. Donald “Doc” Ballard, of Kansas City/Grain Valley

| February 3, 2013

He served more than three decades in the military. KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talks with Ballard about his experiences from the time period of the Vietnam War to Desert Storm.

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Edwin L. Allender, 81, of Chillicothe

| January 13, 2013

Allender served in the Navy from 1948 to 1974.

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Wayne Kleinschmidt, VSO, of Trenton

| January 6, 2013

Many veterans struggle with PTSD and only a few seek help. Kleinschmidt discusses the options available.

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Richard “Dick” Woodward – Part I and II

| November 11, 2012

Woodward shared his story at a meeting of the Carrollton Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

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Maj. John Schwent, 45, of Kingsville

| October 28, 2012

Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Schwent…

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Brooke Ahart, 24, of Richmond

| October 21, 2012

KMZU is honored to welcome our first female veteran to the program.

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