Wastewater plant improvement to proceed in Carrollton

| July 18, 2017
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CARROLLTON, MO – A productive meeting of the Carrollton Council met Monday evening, in part, to review a plan for proceeding on needed upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant.

A presentation given by contractors outlined the scope of work, possible budget figures, and justification for the plan. According to the report, the plant was originally built in 1978.  Some of the equipment housed in the plant is nearing the end of its expected lifespan.  Some vital operating systems are not adequately backed up.  The building is also located on a floodplain.  To address the issues, an already-ordered blower replacement will be installed.  Electric fixtures will be wired to accommodate industrial capacity rather than residential capacity.  It is estimated, this will reduce equipment costs and delivery time.  New equipment will also be able to run at less than full power.  The construction of a small building to house the upgraded equipment is also planned to be built above the floodplain.  The wastewater department budget is currently at $183,000.  Immediate funding needs for the project to begin, is estimated at $187,000, with $50,000 already allocated for the blower equipment.   Council voted to proceed with the plan pending a written contract.

Council approved ballot language placing a cap on revenue bonds for water infrastructure improvement.

An ordinance was approved at the meeting following the scheduled public hearing on the same issue.  The measure would allow the filling of a vacancy on the council by appointment.  The current method used to resolve the issue asks voters to respond in another election.  It was thought this presented problems of timeliness among others.

Council members approved plans for use of a credit card for city purchases.  It was suggested that it would alleviate problems of reimbursement to city officials who must make purchases with a card.  The card would be attached to a special account to which monies could be moved.  A sign-out procedure may also be used.

The street department says it currently has close to 150 tons of salt leftover from last year to use during icy weather.  An ordinance passed Monday would give the city the option to purchase more if needed.

An ordinance amending zoning codes pertaining to accessory buildings and residential zones was also passed.

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