White House Could Curb Greenhouse Emissions

| June 13, 2013
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We could see the White House step in and issue more regulations to limit the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions if Congress does not do something soon. According to Deputy Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change, Heather Zichal told a recent conference the federal Clean Air Act provides a variety of regulatory tools that could be used to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases but she did not specify what the administration would do. Zichal did say, “We will do more.”

In December of 2009 the Environmental Protection Agency issued a finding that stated greenhouse gas emissions are a threat to public health and welfare and that vehicles

EARTH IN BALANCE: The American Geophysical Union urges reductions of 50 percent or more in greenhouse gas emissions to avoid unpredictable climate change. Image: NASA

contribute to the gases. That finding gave justification for limits on greenhouse gas emissions for cars and light trucks as well as Clean Air Act requirements for new and modified stationary sources to control emissions.

Under the current administration, the EPA has also used the Clean Air Act authority to propose carbon dioxide standards for new electric power plans. Many in Congress are not happy with those regulations which indicates the battle will continue and probably become more contentious if the White House carries through with its promise of more regulations.

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