Click below to listen to KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with FFA member, Tierann Zell:

tierann zell

The Meadville community will commemorate Veterans Day at the location of a new addition to the community.  “We’re going to have the dedication to our flag pole which we’ve been working on for a couple months,” said Zell, “We’ll have the community there, as well as elementary and high school students and we’ll  do our whole ceremony that we normally do in the high school gym. We’re going to talk about the history of the day, recognize the veterans, and just make a whole event of it.”

The flagpole construction is a community service project for the Meadville FFA Chapter. “The flagpole, as well as  flower boxes around it, is next to our bank and post office,” Zell explains, “We get money every year from the Monsanto Fund. They give us money for community development.  Our town didn’t really have that center piece where we could have events or holiday decorations. We just didn’t have that and that was our goal as the FFA, to get that for our town.”

This event will start at 2:15 on Tuesday and all our welcome to attend.