Click below to hear KMZU’s Ashley Johnson’s interview with Don Day, the Energy Specialist for the University of Missouri Extension.


The University of Missouri Extension is offering programs throughout their offices on the topic of energy efficiency for homes, business and farms. Energy efficiency is deemed not only good for the environment but good for the pocket book as well. Information for homeowners include insulation and cooling, tips for lighting, sealing windows, as well as storm windows. Farm information will include how to save money in the shop, poultry and dairy production, and energy efficiency for farm water.

Alternative sources of energy will also be discussed during these presentations such as solar and wind power as well as anaerobic digestion for farms. Tax incentives are also offered for people that use energy efficient practices, or those who begin to implement the practices.  Follow this link to learn about tax incentives.

For more information on these upcoming programs call Don Day at (573) 823-1570 or email Day at [email protected] You can also follow this link to explore energy alternatives and efficiency.