Senator Claire McCaskill spoke during a news conference call, in which much of the conversation focused on the Iran nuclear deal.

The Senator noted the issue has become engulfed in a flood of misinformation, and says she is “focused on the facts,” not the politics that have surrounded the idea.

The Senator also spoke about the bigger picture, mainly other nations involved in the deal. The Senator brought up the option that other countries would continue to do business with Iran even after the United States walks away.

McCaskill told reporters she was setting up conferences from both Russia and the United Kingdom. She adds Iran could get funding from other countries involved in the agreement, even if the United States refuses to make a deal.

While Senator McCaskill has stated she will not get involved with the politics of the deal, Republicans and Democrats are at odds. House Speaker Boehner stated he will “fight a bad deal that is wrong for our national security and wrong for our country,” while President Obama has expressed concerns that the alternative would lead to some form of war.