Natasha Trenev, the "Mother of Probiotics."

Natasha Trenev, the “Mother of Probiotics.”

MISSOURI – Natasha Trenev is the Founder and President of Natren, and is also known as the “Mother of Probiotics.” Natren is a live probiotic pill to help with digestion and enhance the “good” bacteria all humans have in their intestines; specifically the lower gastrointestinal tract. To put probiotics into context, an antibiotic simply means against-life, while conversely, probiotic means pro-life – this is in reference to bacteria.

Trenev explains several tips to improve digestive health in an interview with KMZU’s Ashley Johnson.

Trenev says that bad bacteria can build up on intestinal walls and eventually enter the blood stream causing illness. Probiotics are important to keep the good and bad bacteria in a healthy balance.

Trenev goes farther to explain how additional good bacteria can affect weight loss. She says that the bacteria in the lower GI tract of a lean person and that of an overweight person are markedly different. Trenev says that the bad bacteria can trick your mind into craving the simple sugars and simple carbohydrates that are found in junk food items.

Many yogurts now on the market have live probiotics offered within the product. There are other ways to incorporate probiotics into your diet if you are not a yogurt fan, such as acidophilus in pill form. With the pill form you receive all the benefits of natural, probiotic yogurt without the taste.