Lexington Marina is now the home to an annual fishing tournament sponsored by the Lexington Parks and Recreation Department. Click here to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with the spokesman for the event, Chris Small.

Chris Small

As most frequent fisherman know, catfishing is best done in the evening and night.”Our catfish tournament will be an overnight tournament on August 30th.” said Small “Check in time, where people can start signing up will be 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. We’re not doing a pre-register on these this year. Next year we will be doing some pre-entrees. Boats will be released at 6:00, then they will come back to the marina at 8:00 Sunday morning. Then we will do weigh ins, determine the winners, and pass out money.”

The Lexington Parks and Recreation department is inviting everyone out to the Lexington marina for this first time event.  “There’s a form to register, we have flyers out everywhere. Cost is $100 per boat, for a two man team. And we are doing an 80% payout off of that $100.” Small said  “We’re just trying to get it kicked off and get people used to coming to our beautiful park at the river front park in Lexington.”

Biscuits and gravy will be sold for the Lexington Parks and Recreation fundraiser this morning. The funds from the fundraiser and the tournament will both be used to help develop Lexington’s river front park.


RULES                5 FISH WEIGH IN

1. NO alcohol!

2. Boats will launch and return to same location, no trailering.

3. Teams must compete from a boat and remain within 50 yards of boat during competition. Fishing within 50 yards of a marina gas pump or within 50 yards of a competitor’s boat which was first anchored, is prohibited.

4. All fish weighed must be caught by rod and reel only. A maximum of 6 rods per boat may be used, except where state limit is set at a lesser number. NO catfish may be taken from trout, jug, or limb line.

5. In case of a tie for a qualifying team, the team with the biggest fish will win. If a tie still exists, a coin flip conducted by the tournament director will decide any prizes to be awarded.

6. No dead fish allowed at weigh in.

7. No pre-fishing on the day of the tournament. You can be on the water the day of tourney to catch bait, but not catfishing.

8. Kill switch and life preservers must be worn at all times while the main motor is in operation.

9. Any legal commercial or natural bait will be allowed. No chumming of any type during tournament hours.

10. All fish weighed in must be caught by rod and reel during tournament hours.

11. All state and federal laws will apply.

12. Meeting will be held before boat launch.


Boats will be released 5 at a time in order of sign in.

Payout big fish 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place.