As election results trickled in on Tuesday, major upsets in some statewide and county races appeared on the horizon. Here are the results of a few of the key races in the KMZU listening area:

In the race for U.S. Representative – District 4, Vicki Hartzler-R won with about 60 percent of the vote. Challenger Theresa Hensley received about 36 percent of the vote.

Emmanuel Cleaver-D won out over Jacob Turk-R in the District 5 race, taking approximately 60 percent of the vote.

Sam Graves-R went on to secure his seat in the Missouri House, with 65 percent of the vote. Approximately 33 percent of the votes were given to Kyle Yarber-D.

David Pearce-R defeated ElGene Ver Dught with about 65 percent of the vote.

Mike Lair-R secured 60 percent of the vote to keep his seat in the Missouri House.

Jim Neely-R received about 63 percent of the vote in State Representative – District 8 race.

Joe Don McGaugh-R will serve in Missouri’s 39th House District after he beat Will Talbert-D with almost 56 percent of the vote.

Dean Dohrman-R was victorious in the State Representative – District 51 contest, receiving about 50 percent of the vote. Challenger Gary Grigsby-D won about 46 percent.

Dave Muntzel-R had slightly more than 60 percent of the vote to get the win in the race for State Representative – District 48.

The position of Carroll County Commissioner went to Bill Boelson-R.

In Chariton County, Lawrence Gladbach-D secured the position of County Commissioner.

Mike Neal-I upset Incumbent Charlie Polson-D to become Howard County’s next Sheriff. Incumbent Howard McMillan-D retained his seat as Howard County Commissioner for the Western District.

Jennifer Jellum-R was elected to Lafayette County’s next Treasurer.

The title of Linn County Commissioner goes to Bill Dorsey-D. Kay Cunningham won the County Administrator race.

Sherry Parks-D will serve as Livingston County’s Administrator after she defeat Lisa Koenig-R.

In Pettis County, Jim Marcum was elected to Western District Commission seat. Brent Hampy took the Eastern District position. Kim Lyne was chosen to be Pettis County’s Treasurer.

Mike Twyman was elected to the Ray County Commission. Gary Bush won the race for Ray County Sheriff. The position of County Administrator went to Kenneth Nolker. Toby Polley was named Ray County Coroner.

Wally George secured enough votes to keep his position as Saline County Sheriff. Monte Fenner-D will serve another term as the Southern District Commissioner.

We will interview a few of the winning candidates on Wednesday.