Sale of Champions Broadcast



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Grand Champion Pen of Rabbits:

Winner- Lauren Hammett-Ashland, Mo.

Price- $6,000

Buyer: Missouri Rabbit Breeders


Reserve- Gunnar Fisher

Price- $2,400

Buyer- Colton Williams


Grand Champion Pen of Chickens:

Winner- Hannah Bruse- Princeton, Mo.

Price- $4,000

Buyer- Guesa USA


Reserve- Lillian Buie -Marshall, Mo.

Price- $2,100


Grand Champion Meat Goat:

Winner- Brylee Williams-Princeton, Mo.

Price- $8,250

Buyer- Edward Jones


Reserve- Brylee Williams-Princeton, Mo.

Price- $5,500

Buyer- MU Sigma Alpha/Showstock Outfitters


Grand Champion Lamb:

Winner- Adam Thompson-Maryville, Mo.

Price- $21, 250

Buyer- Wheeler Auction/ Missouri State Fair Concession


Reserve- John G. Schenkel-Maryville, Mo.

Price- $19,500

Buyer- Independent Aggies MU


Grand Champion Barrow:

Winner- Royse Laffey- Maryville, Mo.

Price- $25, 500

Buyer- BTC Bank/Litton Foundation


Reserve- Mackenzie Mawson-Archie, Mo.

Price- $21,750

Buyer- Team Sloan/Monsanta ADM


Grand Champion Steer:

Winner- Katelyn Gillum-Unionville, Mo.

Price- $28,500

Buyer- Guesa USA


Reserve- Cole Murphy-Houstonia, Mo.

Price- $24,500

Buyer- Ag Power/Edward Jones/Dr. Curtis Long/Brianwood Angus