RICHMOND, Mo. — A Richmond resident was arrested Friday at the Ray County Memorial Hospital.handcuffs-police-generic-arrest-generic-crime-generic

Officers responded to the hospital where they found Fred Allen Smith II, 30, attempting to leave. Smith was advised by hospital staff that he couldn’t because of the perceived threat to himself.  When an officer observed Smith opening an exit door, he told him to stay where he was. Smith began to run through the hospital.

As officers chased him he turned around and came into contact with the officers. Smith actively resisted arrest as officers struggled to detain him. During the struggle Smith suffered a dislocated and possibly fractured finger.

Smith is charged with felony assault or attempted assault on a law enforcement officer and one lesser charge of resisting arrest. A cash-only bond has been set at $25,000. An arraignment is scheduled for tomorrow August 30, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. in Richmond.