MISSOURI — Travelers may want to do good for the planet on their last hoorah of Summer. harmlessharvest

Harmless Harvest is a company that is behind “Fair of Life” certified coconut water. They also practice sustainable farming methods, which have minimal impact on the planet.

According to Mauricio Guitron, Harmless Harvest has a few tips for us travelers that may help minimize the carbon footprint this Labor Day weekend.

The first is to carpool, taking one car reduces greenhouse emissions significantly. Next is opting to pack a tent and camp instead of booking a hotel room. Another one of their tips is to use a bicycle, which emits zero pollution, plus its a great way to sight see. You can also choose to opt for a snack that was made closer to how nature intended them to be.

Harmless Harvest wants you to get together with your family or friends and plan a way that you can have a “greener” holiday weekend.