Full KMZU Newsmaker:

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Missouri Master Gardeners will be college bound on June 15 as they head to the University of Missouri for the 22nd annual Missouri Master Gardeners State Conference in Columbia.

Master Gardeners are MU extension volunteers who are trained to help with gardening projects and problems in their communities. Over 120 gardeners from across the state will travel to MU for the two-day conference, where they will learn and share information on a variety of different gardening topics, ranging from growing fruits and vegetables to lawn and ornamental care.

“They (Master Gardeners) come to the conference to resharpen some skills and to learn other skills,” said Dr. David Trinklein, an associate professor of plant sciences at MU, “This makes them better volunteers to do what the Master Gardener motto is, ‘Helping others learn to grow.'”

The event will include tours of the Mizzou Botanic Garden, family-owned Pierpont Vegetable Farm, Columbia’s Shelter Garden and an elderberry farm. The conference will also have sessions about new and popular gardening trends.

“We have talks on monarch butterflies, monarch way stations and the importance of preserving bees and pollinators,” said Trinklein, “These are all very timely topics which need addressing.”

The conference is open to anyone who wishes to better grow their gardening skills, not just Master Gardeners. Registration is still open. If you are unable to attend the conference, the MU extension website offers tips and tricks for gardeners.