MISSOURI   We are going to start seeing more and more spiders indoors because of the change of the season.  Researchers say spiders may look scary but they are not the frightening creatures that Halloween has made them out to be.

David  Bruns is a Conservation Education Consultant with the Missouri Department of Conservation. Bruns studies spiders as a hobby and was asked to write an article for the Missouri Department of Conservation this month.

He was reluctant to write the article the month of Halloween because spiders are typically seen in a negative light. Bruns said there are only two species out of the thousands in Missouri, that can hurt people. They are the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow.

The most common spider in Missouri is the Wolf Spider that has 40 different types of species. Bruns said they are really a fascinating spider. They do not live in webs. Wolf Spiders live on the ground and attack their prey. He says they really do look like wolves.

“They are really freaky looking spiders,” Bruns said. “They can range in all sizes and can reach up to two inches long. ”

Bruns wants people to know that spiders are really beneficial and should not be feared.  He says they are great for agriculture because of the bugs they eat.  Learn more about Bruns spider studies from his MDC article.

Photo Courtesy David J. Bruns