A Marshall resident was honored this week for 33 years of service at the Marshall Habilitation Center.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Catherine Miles:

Catherine Miles

Miles, 102, says she now spends five days a week as a foster grandparent to one young man, who is blind and in a wheel chair.  “I just do all the talking…entertainment,” said Miles, “They like to be talked to, and they understand everything you’re saying, so I just do all the talking.  Always believe your voice.  When you say something, they know that it’s you.  That’s all I can do, is just entertain him by talking to him.  And they like to be touched…get a hold of your hand and swing around.”

Miles has volunteered as a foster grandparent at the Marshall Habilitation Center for the past 33 years.

Miles traveled to Jefferson City on Wednesday to receive the Senior Service Award from Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder.