MISSOURI — The first month of the 2020 Missouri state legislature in Jefferson City is in the books. Thirty-ninth District State Representative Peggy McGaugh stopped by the KMZU studios to talk about how the first month went.

Governor Parson outlined the fiscal budget. Mcgaugh talked about where that money went, with 30 million dollars going to schools.

Infrastructure is a major concern across the state, and McGaugh said federal funding has come down the pike for that.

Second Amendment rights are one of the things McGaugh is passionate about, and she said she will always defend that. She said she is a big defender of her constituents rights.

She said the gun violence problem in our country is about social reform. McGaugh said she would also vote again for the Missouri Drug Monitoring Program, unless the people in her three counties changed their vote.

Upgrades to broadband are happening in some areas of the state. She said our federal and state governments are working to increase broadband coverage in rural areas. She said although there have been some recent improvements, we have a long way to go with improving that.

McGaugh said that committees are working on 1,000 bills, and the overall tone of the Capitol is positive. Mcgaugh said she loves her job and the Capitol has great enthusiasm going into 2020.

“We went immediately to work,” McGaugh said. “Our committees are set, and if you are coming to the Capitol, watch out, don’t be standing around, because all the committee members are flying through the halls to the committees.”


Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-39)