After more than 10 years and $1 million, the old 4th Street Theater in Moberly is nearing the completion of its new face-lift. Click to hear KMZU’s Brian Lock talk with Theater Project Manager and Director Carolee Hazlet:

Carolee Hazlet

“This has been a long, long project. In fact, it started ten years ago, but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” Hazlet said. “We decided when we first started the restoration of this historic vaudeville movie house that we wouldn’t borrow any money to do it, so we worked on fundraising and paying as we go. We are finally seeing that hopefully it will be completed this year.”

Nearly all of the century-old building had to be gutted in order to remodel and make necessary changes.

“We thought would be able to just patch the ceiling of this beautiful old theater, but it started falling,” added Hazlet. “We had to put a whole new ceiling in. We had to put new walls in as well. We also had to redesign some of the inside of the theater to meet some of the requirements of today.”

Hazlet hopes the restoration will be completed later this year, so the theater can have a grand reopening in the Spring of 2014.