Washington (Reuters) – The U.S. Environmental Protection agency has received final test results from the Energy Department on how older vehicles perform using gasoline blended with 15 percent ethanol.
The EPA said it is now on track to issue a decision this month on whether so-called E15 gasoline is safe for vehicles built during the 2001 to 2006 model years.  U.S. gasoline now contains up to 10 percent ethanol.
The decision on a higher ethanol blend was expected in December, but the EPA delayed it after the Energy Department said it needed to redo several tests because some of the cars were not properly prepared.  The additional testing was not directly related to the E15 fuel.
EPA in October approved E15 gasoline for cars and trucks made during 2007 and later.
Allowing E15 gasoline in vehicles built since the 2001 model year would cover more than half the automobiles now on U.S. highways.