Bristol Rigby with her SAE project

Another article from the Malta Bend FFA chapter.  This time it’s a creative presentation from chapter president Bristol Rigby.  
My FFA SAE Rap by: Bristol Rigby Chapter President
My FFA SAE project is, to raise & show the ducks that I own,
ones a Pekin ones a Crested and now they’re part of this flow,
I’ve had them since they were ducklings and now they’re full grown,
Dewey and Louie were the names that I chose,
And I’ve shown them in Central District FFA shows
obtained reserve grand champion my second year so you know,
and received third place this past year at the State Fair of MO
but wait, hold up, I picked these boy names for them,
and then they started laying eggs so that means they’re hens!
oh well, just a case of mistaken identity,
but when they see me, they still quack excitedly,
but wait that could be because I have their food in this basket
ah well taking care of them is what I do and I think its fantastic!