CARROLLTON, Mo. — The Missouri Supreme Court has granted a change of judge and venue for the case of a Carrollton man accused of carrying on a sexual relationship with a minor for over a decade.

Louis Jefferson, Photo courtesy VINELink

According to court records, the Honorable Larry D. Harman has been assigned by the Missouri Supreme Court to hear the case of 52-year-old Louis L. Jefferson in the 7th Circuit Court in Clay County.

Jefferson is accused of 19 total counts of child sex-related crimes, including nine counts of endangering the welfare of a child with sexual contact, four counts each of first degree child molestation and second degree sodomy. His victim told investigators the contact occurred on multiple occasions for a period extending more than 10 years.

Lawyers for Jefferson argued that he would not be able to receive a fair trial in Carroll County, a motion that was sustained by the court, and his case was sent to the Missouri Supreme Court for the assignment of a judge in early November.

Judge Brent Elliott was assigned to hear the case November 20 before Jefferson’s counsel filed a second motion for a change of judge. That motion was again sustained by the court and the case was sent back to the Supreme Court again. Judge Harman was assigned to hear the case Tuesday.

Future court dates have not yet been set in Jefferson’s case. He is currently in custody at the Ray County Jail.