The American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) is providing additional management tips for producers as they look for recommendations to increase flock size and improve efficiency. ASI, through its Let’s Grow with twoPLUS initiative, is developing a series of universal management practices designed to assist in a number of specific production areas.
Newly posted management practice tips include Use of Genetics to Increase Lambing Percentage; Benchmarks for Success; Biosecurity; Late Gestation/Early Lactation Ewe Nutrition; and Steps to Effective and Sustainable Internal Parasite Management.
“The fact sheets are written by sheep specialists from around the country,” stated Peter Orwick, ASI executive director. “Each topic contains practical information for producers of all sizes, from any part of the country.”
The management tips have been posted to The site also includes a video explaining the twoPLUS program, profiles of Let’s Grow partners, an open forum for producers to communicate with one another and a section for media promotion.
The primary objective of this initiative is to encourage current producers of all sizes to expand their sheep numbers by 2014 resulting in 315,000 more lambs and 2 million more pounds of wool for the industry to market.

ASI Weekly