KANSAS CITY, Mo. (NAFB) — The rapid pace of technology development is improving the sustainability of farming all over the country. Technology is farmlandshaping how many farmers operate, allowing them to become more precise and efficient on the farm.

Soy checkoff farmer-leader Charles Cannatella from Louisiana says technology has significantly changed the way he does things on his farm – for the better. In particular, new technology – from more efficient machinery to better seed varieties – has allowed him to cut his chemical use. “Just going back to 1980 till now we are using on this particular farm, I know we are using at least half the chemical than we did back then, and doing a better job.”

Advancements in technology allow farmers to be more efficient in the fields. “We have varieties now that will yield twice what the varities were yielding 30 years ago. The same thing with the equipment. Our sprayers are all GPS controlled. You don’t double spray anything. Everything is just sprayed once. Same thing with your planters and combines.”

The trend toward greater technology shows no signs of declining. New, advanced tools are constantly being developed, putting more capability at farmers’ fingertips.

Cannatella says the advancements in agriculture technology will continue to improve sustainability. “I think technology has came a long way, and I think the technology that is coming is going to improve our sustainability.”

For more information about how technology can help your farm remain sustainable, visit www.unitedsoybean.org.