Click below to listen to KMZU’s Shaylee Miller interview, Evan Johnson, the Research Manager for Agnition.

Agnition, a brand of Ralco, a leading provider of crop enhancement products that distributes to over 30 countries, has announced the introduction of Commence for Soybeans. This is a type of seed treatment considered to be a microbial catalyst; stimulating microbial activity for healthier soil and a better growth environment.

Agnition launched a similar product for wheat three years ago and after seeing positive results, the company took the technology into the soybean sector. Since the introduction of the soybean version has been made official, the company is currently getting research underway for a similar corn treatment.

Evan Johnson explained that the research begins in the companies state of the art greenhouse and after much intensive research, the next step is implementing the product in test farms. Johnson said they used five different test farms throughout Minnesota and South Dakota. Evans said, “It has not been tested in Missouri, but we have no doubt that it will act the same down there.”

The difference between this type of soybean treatment and those currently being used, explained Johnson, is that this is an offensive approach instead of a defensive mechanism. Most seed treatments being used now simply sit on the outside of the seed waiting for something to occur that stimulates the treatment into action. Commence immediately begins stimulating microbial activity as soon as it is planted. A catalyst is simply a chemical that speeds up, or causes something to occur, and that is what Commence does, it stimulates the microbes around the seed to complete the reactions and produce nutrients that the plant needs to grow.

Commence for Soybeans is available for distribution in Missouri and you can find more information by contacting Ralco at (507) 337-6819.