Click below to hear KMZU’s Shaylee Miller speak with Jeanne Lake, the Workforce Development Specialist & the Agricultural Employment Specialist for the Missouri Division of Workforce Development.

An Agricultural Job Fair and Agricultural Resource Event is coming up on Wednesday, March 25, 2015. The event will begin at 10 a.m. and last until 2 p.m. The Missouri Division of Workforce Development is hosting the job fair at the Saline County Fairgrounds, which is located just south of the Fitzgibbon Hospital in Marshall. There is no registration for this event, so feel free to stop by at any point during the event.

Jeanne Lake says there will be over 30 potential agricultural employers present and accepting applications. Lake suggests that people stopping by wear clothes suited for a job in the ag industry, she says this will show possible employers that applicants are ready to get out there and start working.

Lake says there are some employers that give veterans a little extra consideration during the application process, so it’s always a good idea to identify yourself as a veteran if you are such. She also says that there are ag related jobs for both men and women, and some part-time labor positions available for high school aged students.

If you have a resume, it’s a good idea to bring copies to hand out to the potential employers there, but there will be applications there to fill out, so a resume isn’t a requirement.

For more information, call Jeanne Lake at (816) 776-3920 extension 2501 or set up an appointment to meet with Lake at 103 E. North Main Richmond, Missouri 64085.