The USDA Rural Development program will be funding projects in Carrollton and Norborne for improvements in water and wastewater systems. The program is providing $629,000 in grant money as well as a $882,000 loan to finance construction of a transmission line from Carrollton to Norborne.

“Rural businesses and residents need access to clean water and modern disposal systems. This isn’t just an economic issue, it’s an issue of basic health and safety.” said Vilsack. “Water and wastewater projects like these help safeguard rural access to a modern, working infrastructure, which in turn ensures a decent quality of life and helps attract and keep the best and brightest in small towns across America.”

Vilsack said that passage of a comprehensive food, farm and jobs bill would help tackle the $2.1 billion backlog of water/wastewater projects waiting to be completed. Vilsack also stated that the bill needs to be completed soon because it is vital to rural communities. These are just some of the reasons why congress should pass a comprehensive bill as soon as possible. Senator Claire McCaskill has also been pushing legislators to approve a farm bill.

The USDA plans to provide $203 million to finance 74 water and infrastructure improvement projects. The funding is being provided through the USDA Rural Development’s water and environmental program.