An Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board has appointed a panel of experts to review the National Air Emissions Monitoring Study. This panel will review the study along with other applicable research results and make comment on EPA’s draft air emission estimating methodologies for livestock and poultry farms.
Meanwhile, EPA says now is an excellent time to model the current status of a livestock or poultry farm’s air emissions, prior to the implementation of any new reporting requirements associated with the NAEMS results. Producers who may be either concerned or interested in the air emissions associated with their farms may want to spend a small amount of time evaluating their operation using the National Air Quality Site Assessment Tool.
The tool is an online program developed to evaluate the odors and air emissions from livestock and poultry operations. The tool is applicable across all types of housing and manure management systems for beef, swine, dairy, turkeys, broilers and layers. According to EPA, information entered while using the tool remains confidential and there is nothing entered into the program that would identify the inputs or results page back to the producer or location.
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