The husband of an Independence woman suffering severe bedsores and other ailments consistent with neglect has been charged in Jackson County with alleged second degree elder abuse. Gary Raps, 58, is accused of allegedly leaving his ailing wife in a recliner for 11 days inside their Independence residence. Raps was charged after taking his wife to Centerpoint Hospital Sunday where the staff noticed the bedsores and overall condition of the woman. That prompted Hospital workers to call police in to investigate.

Police went to the couple’s home and found a recliner covered in human feces and urine with maggots, roaches, flies and larvae covering the chair and surrounding area as well.

Court records indicate that Raps told police his wife had become ill 11 days ago and stayed in the recliner. Four days before he finally took her to the emergency room she had stopped communicating. Raps also reportedly told police he basically had given up and did not know what to do.

Prosecutors have requested a $100,000 bond.