Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Shaylee Miller’s initial phone interview followed by an in depth, face-to-face interview with the volunteer firefighter for the Carrollton Fire Department and recent alleged rape victim, Katie Miller:

Alleged rape victim, Katie Miller, 20

Alleged rape victim, Katie Miller, 20

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Phone Interview-

Face-to-Face Interview-

Statistical analysis for Carroll County in 2012 showed only one forcible rape case for the year. Now in 2015 that number seems to have risen just within the past few months, based on alleged events and pending convictions.

One alleged victim is stepping up and speaking out in hopes that other victims will gain the courage to speak out as well. In an effort to help, Miller told KMZU her version of what happened. Alleged victim, Katie Miller, is an average 20 year old woman who works at McDonald’s and volunteers at the Carrollton Fire Department. On April 20th Millers’ life changed in a matter of minutes. Reportedly, Miller and a few friends, as well as suspect Dyllon Browder, had been

Alleged rapist, Dyllon Ayuston Browder, 20

Alleged rapist, Dyllon Ayuston Browder, 20

playing football and hanging out the day before the alleged event. After a few hours, the group made their way to one of the witness’s homes to watch some movies. Reportedly, Miller had brought a mattress and a couple of futons from her residence across the hall in the apartment complex, in case anyone got tired and wanted to go to sleep. After watching a movie or two, Miller fell asleep. Miller stated, “I fell back to sleep then I felt his boy area against my bottom,” Miller recalled the moments before the alleged attack, “and he was trying to do it then but luckily my pants were still up. Then I rolled over and was like, are you having fun? You need to stop it’s not funny, then I rolled back over. Then he grabbed me again, rolled me over, stuck his hands in my pants, you know and yeah… then it just went south from there.”

Browder was arrested then released on a $50,000 cash or corporate surety bond with no 10% allowed, 3 days after the incident, only having spent one evening in custody. Miller said her goal now is to be a leader, she wants to speak to groups of high school kids and tell them her experience and let them know its okay to come forward. She also wants justice to be served, “I just want people to know what kind of person he is,” Miller explained, “You know I’ve never wished bad on anybody, I just wish that if he doesn’t go to jail or prison, he needs help and he knows it and I want his family to know he needs help. If Cordell’s doing the same thing, hiding stuff then Cordell needs help and doesn’t need to be on this police department.” Captain Cordell with the Carrollton Police Department is reported as Browders’ step-father. “I want people to know what kind of person Cordell is if he is hiding Dyllon,” stated Katie, “If he knew something that nobody else has and they’ve known it. And maybe these other girls will hear this, if there is other girls, because from what everyone’s been hearing and Dillon’s been saying, there is other girls out there.”

browder 2

Browder during court proceedings Wednesday, April 29th

Browder was in court this morning, Wednesday, April 29th. During proceedings, honorable Judge Kevin Walden amended bond conditions to now allow Browder work release from his house arrest, as well as repealing the mandatory electronic monitoring and GPS tracking. Browder will next go before Judge Walden on May 13th.

KMZU will continue to watch Mr. Browders’ case and bring you updates as the case progresses.