St. Joseph, Mo. – American College of Technology has been approved for University status by the Missouri Department of Higher Education and the Distance Education and Training Council. As of April 2nd, 2014 ACOT will become American Business & Technology University.

“While we have been granted university status, we have to wait at least 30 days before we intend to use the new name which is why the name of the school won’t officially change until April 2nd,” Chief Operations Officer Lute Atieh said.

ACOT started in 2001 in St. Joseph, Mo. by Sam Atieh, offering students an online platform for retraining services. Since then the school has grown to offer its students not only technical diplomas but bachelors and masters programs as well.

“Prior to obtaining a graduate program students would transfer to other schools that we have articulation agreements with to complete their higher level degrees,” Atieh said. “Since our founding we had one major goal, offer career focused training and education to busy adults. Now we are doing that on more levels.”

The school officially launched its first graduate program in January. The school still plans to maintain a commitment towards short-term training in the business and technology fields but can now allow its students to continue through to the graduate level.

University status is just one of many things in the works for 2014. The school will also be expanding its educational opportunities this year as it prepares to move locations into the Wyeth Mansion on St. Maartens Drive, behind the St. Joseph Metro Chamber. The Wyeth Mansion will give American Business & Technology University the ability to continue to offer online courses but will also provide a space for physical labs and community programs.

“ACOT’s model is much different. We hope to give local students the best of both worlds. A physical location when you need one, online when you don’t and of course just like always live interaction with a faculty member while you are studying from home,” Atieh said.

Renovations on the Mansion are currently underway but a move-in date is expected for the beginning of March followed by a rebranding campaign in April as the school prepares to re-launch as American Business & Technology University.