Click below to listen to KMZU’s Shaylee Miller speak with Amos Gingerich, a cousin of the incarcerated Gingerich brothers. User discretion is advised.

Amos Gingerich, another ex-Amish man from the Bogard community, has spoken with KMZU’s Shaylee Miller in regards to the current arrests of brothers Leander and Melvin Gingerich, who are current members of the Bogard Amish community. Amos Gingerich is a cousin of the incarcerated brothers, and he explains why he believes no one from the Amish community alerted the authorities of the alleged child molestation being committed. Amos Gingerich says the Amish are ultimately concerned with, “protecting themselves from the outside world.”

Amos describes how the accused offenders have stood up in church and “confessed their sins,” and then had to repeat the “shameful” process of admitting their wrongs multiple times. Amos believes this is because the Amish have protected themselves from the outside world to such an extent that the community is covering situations up. Amos says that he believes these situations could have been stopped much sooner if someone had stepped forward with the information. Amos Gingerich goes on to explain that he knows the wives of both accused Gingerich men were aware of what was happening because, the men had confessed in front of the entire church congregation on multiple occasions.

Amos says he learned of the accused Leander Gingerich and Melvin Gingerichs’ actions and in order to get to the bottom of the situation he made contact with a young woman he knew who had recently left the community to see if his suspicions were true. The young woman is currently living with her ex-Amish brother, Albert Lee, and she confirmed Amos’ fears. From this point forward the authorities were alerted, an investigation got underway and the arrests were made. Amos says he believes there are four total offenders within the community, and as of right now the investigation is still on going.