Richmond City Hall

Richmond City Hall

The Richmond City Council will meet this evening, Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 6:30 p.m., in the City Council Chambers, located in Richmond City Hall.

On the Mayor’s report, the appointment of committees, as well as, committee chairs will be conducted by Mayor Mike Wright.

In unfinished business, the selection for a contract to complete the downtown blight study will be decided upon. For more information as to what the blight study entails and how it will be a positive impact on Richmond, follow this link to a previous KMZU story.

Multiple ordinances are on the agenda to be voted upon during new business:

  • The approval of a plan for an industrial development project and an economic development agreement for a project for Swafford Trustmark, LLC.
  • Changing the zoning from R-1 to B-2 in the areas of South Street and Spartan Drive.
  • The approval of replatting of lots 8 and 9 at Morningside Village.
  • An ordinance calling an election in the City of Richmond on the questions of tax use.
  • A downtown district request for noise ordinance waiver for, “Movies in the District.”

The meeting is scheduled to end in a closed session.