Click below to listen to the proceedings of the Monday, April 20, 2015 City Council Meeting.

Click below to hear the ending of the meeting after the new council members took the oath.


Council members taking the oath of their respective offices.

At the Marshall city council meeting Monday evening, the City Administrator, Connie Latimer, discussed the research that has been done since the request of a citizen at the last meeting to require landlords to obtain business licenses and for the city to inspect rental homes. Latimer explained that since Marshall is a third class city, it is not permissible by law for the city to require landlord licenses or for landlords to obtain business licenses.

Mayor Mark Gooden from the Marshall city council brought an appointment of office before the board at the city council meeting last Monday. During the April 2015 elections, there was no candidate for Marshall City Treasurer; David Kemm won by vote of write-in, but declined the position. Mayor Gooden suggested to the council that the last year’s treasurer be allowed to continue the duties for one more year, opposed to the normal two years of a city elected official, until another person is able to run in the next round of elections. The Mayor’s suggestion passed by vote of the council.


The two orders of new business to be voted on, the amendment of the budget as well the appropriation of funds, both passed by vote of the present council members.

Sam Moten, the past councilmen for Ward three stepped down from his place on the board to the sound of appreciative applause and praises from the audience and moments later, Charles Guthrey was sworn in to take Moten’s place.