The Missouri Sheriffs’ Association recently presented their 2014 Representative of the Year Award to 7th District State Representative Mike Lair. Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox and Representative Lair:

Sheriff Steve Cox
Representative Lair

Cox said the lawmaker has earned the acknowledgement through years of dedicated service.

Sheriff Steve Cox2

Lair said he feels privileged to receive the organization’s acknowledgement.

Representative Lair 2

The MSA makes their annual award selection based on the input from many sheriffs and law enforcement officials across the state, as well as MSA Staff and associates in Jefferson City.
Lair currently represents Grundy, Linn, and Livingston Counties in the Missouri House of Representatives.

Press Release:

Mick Covington, Executive Director of the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association (MSA) has announced that 7th District Missouri State Representative Mike Lair is being awarded the MSA’s “2014 Representative of the Year Award”.

There is quite a process to determine which 1 of the 163 members of the Missouri House of Representatives will receive this award. The MSA receives input from many sheriffs, law enforcement officials, MSA Staff and MSA Associates in Jefferson City.

Since day one in office Mike Lair has been a very strong supporter for the Office of Sheriff and Local Law Enforcement. Rep. Mike Lair has attended various law enforcement gatherings including several Missouri Sheriff’s zone meetings where he has listened to the needs of local law enforcement and helped determine a “Right and Reasonable Solution” and helped educate his fellow Legislators in Jefferson City of these problems.

Representative Mike Lair has consistently demonstrated high levels of leadership, courage and the skills needed to better enable our deputy sheriffs, detention officers, sheriff’s and other law enforcement to better serve and protect our citizens.

Representative Mike Lair has worked to advance the Professionalism for the Office of Sheriff in every Missouri County.

It is my honor as Sheriff of Livingston County and a past MSA President to notify and congratulate Representative Mike Lair of this award from the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association. I ask that you also share our appreciation for his proven performance for public safety and the security of our rural communities.