The Army Corps of Engineers still have surveillance teams in place monitoring levees. Omaha District Commander Colonel Bob Ruch says waters continue to recede. Click to hear Ruch.

Bob Ruch

“But we have to remain vigilant. As we begin the levy rehab process we will continue to conduct damage assessments in coordination with levee sponsors.”

The Corps also plans on gradually decreasing the amount of water from State dams throughout September. Chief of the Water Management Division Jody Farhat says releases from Gavins Point Dam are currently at 90,000 cubic feet per second. Click to hear Farhat.

Jody Farhat

“We’ll maintain that 90,000 release through September 17. Then drop 5,000 cubic feet per second every other day, until we reach 40,000 cubic feet per second.”

Farhat estimates the gradual decrease will take until October 6th.