Pay increases went into effect for elected officials in Saline County this week.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Presiding Commissioner Tom Stallings:

Tom Stallings

Stallings said this is the result of a recent report and not something under their control.  “In a county of our size, when your assessed value reaches certain levels, state statutes say the county officials receive a pay increase,” said Stallings,” Saline County, just this last year, has surpassed the $300 million level at $302 million in assessed valuation.”

According to Stallings, this is the only way officials receive increases in pay.  “There are, of course, assessments every year,” said Stallings,” It’s just that we have been somewhere between the $250 million and $300 million levels and now we have surpassed that.  Elected officials don’t receive any type of cost of living increase.  Their salaries change only when we exceed new thresholds.”

Salaries went up by $2,000 for all officials with the exception of the commissioners and coroner who received slightly less due to working part-time.