JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Auditor Nicole Galloway is releasing her follow-up report relating to the Plattsburg Special Road District.


The initial audit in 2019 found that former district secretary and treasurer Ava Langner misappropriated more than $286,000 which led to federal authorities charging her with stealing.

The follow-up report finds that of the ten recommendations contained in the audit, the district board has implemented five, partially implemented another two, and is in progress on implementing the other three.

The payments to Langner and her company began shortly after she was appointed in 2011 to handle bookkeeping for the district. The payments then grew to more than $50,000 a year and totaled more than $156,000 before she was fired in October 2018.

Langner also made electronic payments of over $125,000 from district funds to pay her personal bills during the same time frame.

Criminal prosecution of Langner is still ongoing. The full report can be found here.